What is stainless steel G clamps?

The stainless steel G-clamp has the same function as the stainless steel C clamp and is used to secure the braided wire to the silicon carbide heating elements.

Stainless steel g clamps
Stainless Steel G Clamps

The material is high-quality stainless steel.

Temperature limitation

Clamps are made from heat resistant stainless steel and should never be operated in an ambient temperature over 260ºC.

Identification of stainless steel C clamps

The stainless steel clamps are stamped with a number for easy identification and proper matching to the correct diameter silicon carbide heater. The expansion tools have the part numbers marked on the handle.



Most sizes are available from stock. Others can be shipped in one week, or quicker for emergencies.

Stainless steel g clamps
Stainless Steel G Clamps