We offers a wide range of accessories for connection of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) electric Heating element . This includes single- and two-shank element holders, contact straps, stain steel clamp and ceramic plate bricks. We supply the matching fastening systems depending on element size.

Mosi2 heating element single-shank holders can be used for all kinds of mosi2 heating elements.It can supply sufficient space. It is essential that the mosi2 heating element terminals are able to move freely and independently of each other, otherwise mechanical stresses may cause the element to break.This is important at very high temperatures.

Element size 3/6mm

Mosi2 single shank holders 3 6mm
Mosi2 Single Shank Holders 3/6Mm

Element size 4/9mm

Mosi2 single shank holders 4/9mm
Mosi2 Single Shank Holders 4/9Mm

Element size 6/12 mm

Mosi2 single shank holders 6/12mm
Mosi2 Single Shank Holders 6/12Mm

Element size 9/18 mm

Mosi2 single shank holders 9/18mm
Mosi2 Single Shank Holders 9/18Mm


Mosi2 single shank holders 12/24mm
Mosi2 Single Shank Holders 12/24Mm