What are Silicon Carbide Heating Elements?

Material and process

Silicon carbide heating elements, also known as globar sic heating elements or silicon carbide rods, are rod-shaped non-metal high-temperature heating elements made of high-quality green silicon carbide as the main raw material, processed, returned, high-temperature silicified and recrystallized.


MaterialSilicon Carbide(SIC)
Temperature200 ℃~1625 ℃ (392℉ – 2957℉)
Diameters 10 mm – 55 mm
Hot zonesMax 4.2 m
Lengths 100 mm – 6 m
Shapeslot type, U type, SGR type, SG type, M type, ED type, DB type
CoatingAlkali resistant Coating, A Coating, B Coating
Specification of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements


Silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements can withstand temperatures up to 1625℃(2957℉), making them ideal for high-temperature applications. We offer a variety of standard sizes and geometries, as well as custom designs to meet specific requirements for various processes and equipment.


Silicon carbide heating element is a time trusted heating element. It has the advantages of small hot-end resistance, long service life, and energy saving.Silicon Carbide heating elements are available in eight different basic configurations that extend heater life especially in corrosive environments.

The mosi2 heating element is also a heating element used in electric furnaces, and the price is slightly more expensive than the sic heating element.

What is sic element?

Silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum, is a hard compound containing silicon and carbon. As a semiconductor, silicon carbide particles can be combined through sintering to form a very hard ceramic, hardness approaching that of diamond.

The commonly used types of silicon carbide heating elements are:

  1. sg type silicon carbide heating element
  2. ed type silicon carbide heating elements
  3. w type silicon carbide heating elements
  4. sgr type silicon carbide heating elements
  5. u type silicon carbide heating elements
  6. ld type silicon carbide heating elements
Slot Type Sic Heating Element

Slot type sic heating element

What is slot type sic heating element ? The slot type SiC heating element is manufactured with a spiral-grooved heating section which is made of homogeneous, high-density silicon carbide crystals. It is more resistant to heat and corrosion than conventional products. It is also able to withstand operations in rigorous conditions. Also called Ux type […]
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements With B Coating

B coating silicon carbide heating elements

Why B coating silicon carbide heating elements? B coating in N2 atmosphere can enhance the antioxidant effect of the heating element. Though the element will be oxidized very slowly in course of application ,it also will make the resistance increased following long time application, this phenomenon calls aging. In order to lower the aging speed […]
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements With A Coating

A coating silicon carbide heating element

What is a coating silicon carbide heating element? A coating silicon carbide heating element is an antioxidant coating heating element. A coating can delay the oxidation of silicon carbon rods and extend the life of the heating element. Why you need a coating? Though the element will be oxidized very slowly in course of application […]
U Type Sic Heating Elements

U type silicon carbide heating element

What is U type silicon carbide heating element? U type silicon carbide heating element consists of two Silicon Carbide legs with equal diameter. Each leg is divided into two parts, hot zone and cold zone with a joint. Resistances of both legs are equal to ensure a uniform performance. Both shanks are joined with a […]
Sgr Type Sic Heating Elements

SGR type sic heater element

What is SGR type sic heater element? SGR type sic heater element similarly to Single spiral type. SGR type sic heater element is a tubular element with a spiral-grooved heating section, and as a major characteristic, both electrical connections are found at one end only. Double spiral SiC Heater Element (SGR type SiC Heater Element) […]
Sg Type Sic Heating Element

SG type SiC heating elements(single spiral)

What is sg type sic heating elements? The spiral sg type sic heating elements are made of special high-density reaction-bonded silicon carbide. Advantage A spiral slot in the hot zone reduces the cross sectional area. This provides the electrical resistance ratio to make the ends cool and the hot zone hot. Special cold ends may […]

Physical Properties

Physical Properties of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Specific gravity 2.6~2.8g/cm³ Bend strength >300kg
Hardness >9MOH’S Tensile strength >150Kg.cm³
Porosity rate <30% Radiancy 0.85
Thermal Conductivity 14-19W/m·℃
Specific Heat 1.0kj/kg·℃
Rupture Strength 50Mpa(25℃) Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion 4.5x 10-5

Electrical characteristics

Globar sic heating elements has rather large specific resistance. When it is heated in air and the surface temperature of the hot zone reaches 1050℃(2732℉), its resistance rate is 600-1400 mm²/m. Its resistance value changes as the temperature rises.

From room-temperature to 800℃(1472℉) is negative value, over 800℃ is positive value nature curve.

All silicon carbide elements gradually increase in resistance during their life in operation and the rate at which this occurs is affected by the following factors:

  • Element type
  • Element Specific Loading (W/cm²)
  • Operating Temperature
  • Process Atmosphere
  • Mode of operation – continuous or intermittent
  • Operating practices
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements Electrical Characteristics
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements Electrical Characteristics


Element Surface Loading

The key factor to the optimum service life of the element is to select the surface load of the element correctly according to the furnace construction, atmosphere and temperature below.

The curves show maximum specific element loading for different element types operated in air. These values may be used as a guide, but for maximum element life a lower loading should be used wherever possible.

A lower loading may also be required where elements are to be operated in reducing or other process atmospheres, to maintain element temperatures within the limits, see table below.

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements Element Surface Lodading
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements Element Surface Lodading
Temperature(℃) Linear expansion coefficient
Heat conductivity
(Kcal/M hr ℃)
specific heat
0 / / 0.148
300 3.8 / /
400 / / 0.255
600 4.3 14-18 /
800 / / 0.294
900 4.5 / /
1100 / 12-16 /
1200 4.8 / 0.325
1300 / 10-14 /
1500 5.2 / /

Application of Sic Heating Elements

Therefore, silicon carbide rods are widely used in various high-temperature electric furnaces and other electric heating equipment in the industries of magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, metallurgy and machinery.

Silicon Carbide Rods In The Furnace
Silicon Carbide Rods In The Furnace


Stainless Steel M Type Terminal Clamps

Stainless steel M type terminal clamps

What is stainless steel M type terminal clamps? Stainless steel M type terminal clamps are silicon carbide heating elements clamps made of high quality stainless steel. The stainless steel M type clamp connection clip is used for SiC heating elementThe normal accessories of silicon carbide heating elements include Aluminum braid connecting straps and clamps. Why […]
Stainless Steel G Clamps

Stainless steel G clamps

What is stainless steel G clamps? The stainless steel G-clamp has the same function as the stainless steel C clamp and is used to secure the braided wire to the silicon carbide heating elements. The material is high-quality stainless steel. Temperature limitation Clamps are made from heat resistant stainless steel and should never be operated […]
Stainless Steel C Clamp

Stainless steel C clamps

What is stainless steel C clamps? Stainless steel C clamps are used to hold the aluminum straps in compression around the circumference of the sic heating elements. The material is high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel C clamps installation location The aluminum strap and stainless steel C clamp should be installed at the very end of […]
Single-Hole Aluminum-Braided-Straps

Aluminum braided straps

What is aluminum braided straps? Aluminum braided straps are sic heating element accessories.They are used for connecting silicon carbide heater rods or conducting electricity. Aluminum flexible braided straps is made of multiple strands of highly conductive thin aluminum wire first twisted into a unit, then braided and flattened, flexible and high conductivity.The main role of […]
Silicon Nitride Tube

Si3N4 silicon nitride protection tube

What is reaction bonded silicon nitride tube? Reaction bonded silicon nitride tubes, or Si3N4 tube are made by combining silicon powder with nitrogen at high temperatures to form a solid silicon nitride ceramic material with a tubular appearance. Silicon nitride reaction bonded tube is generally gray in cylindrical shape with smooth and burr-free surface. What […]
Sic Silicon Sarbide Thermocouple Protection Tube

SiC silicon carbide tube

What is SiC silicon carbide tube? SiC (silicon carbide) protection tube is a type of ceramic tube used to protect temperature sensors from damage in harsh environments, particularly at high temperatures and in corrosive atmospheres. SiC protection tubes are made from a composite material of silicon and carbon, which provides excellent mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, […]

Sic heating elements VS metal electric heating elements

Compared with metal electric heating elements, Globar sic heating elements have the characteristics of high operating temperature, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, low deformation, and convenient installation and maintenance.


How to choose power supply equipment?

Power supply equipment should be selected with a large regulating range voltage and it is a stable and continuous voltage regulating equipment, such as magnetic voltage regulator, silicon controlled DC voltage regulator, etc. If you choose a stage voltage regulator transformer, you should also choose a transformer with a small voltage difference .

What are the connection of silicon carbide rods?

The connection mode of silicon carbon rod element can be series or parallel, and parallel is the best. When used in series, the number of branches in series should not be more than 3.

The Common connection methods and their calculation formulas are listed in the following datatable.

Power Calculation Of Several Common Wiring Methods
Power Calculation Of Several Common Wiring Methods

Please follow the steps in the following article when replacing and installing globar sic rods.

Silicon Carbide Rod Installation Operation Guide

How to prolong the element’s service life?

The resistance value of the heating element will increase and age with the extension of service time. When the resistance of the element increases to 3 times the initial resistance value, it is regarded as the end of service life. There are several factors affecting the aging and life reduction of heating elements:

  • Operating temperature
  • Electrical loading (usually expressed in watts per square inch or watts per square centimeter of elements radiating surface)
  • Atmosphere
  • Type of operation (continuous or intermittent)
  • Operating and maintenance techniques
High Temperature Laboratory Furnace Cross Sectional View
High Temperature Laboratory Furnace Cross Sectional View

When used in 1450 ℃(2642℉) clean oxidation atmosphere, the heating element can obtain a relatively long service life. In order to achieve the best service life, the surface load as low as possible should be considered when designing the furnace, and 3-8w/cm² is recommended

Silicon Carbide Heating Element Supplier

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We provide a wide range of heating element designs and sizes to accommodate the needs of different industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing, metallurgy, ceramics, and glass processing.

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