Reaction Sintered Silicon Carbide Thermocouple Protection Tube

SISIC Thermocouple Protection Tube

SiSiC/RBSiC Thermocouple Protection Tubes are widely used for high temperature measurement and controlling in metallurgy, chemical & ceramics industries etc.

sisic reaction sintered silicon carbide ceramics

sisic reaction sintered silicon carbide

Our company's reaction-sintered silicon carbide products have the following types:silicon carbide flame nozzle burner sleeves,silicon carbide beam rollers,silicon carbide cold air pipes, silicon carbide radiant tubes.

SiC silicon sarbide thermocouple protection tube

SiC silicon carbide tube

Silicon carbide protection tube has high strength properties comparable to diamond, it has excellent thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, and acid resistance. used to protect temperature sensors from damage in harsh environments, particularly at high temperatures and in corrosive atmospheres.