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Henan SUNSHINE high temperature materials CO., LTD specialized in manufacturing Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements,Silicon Carbide Heating Elements and relevant products ,used in industries and applications around the world.


Heating elements are used in a wide range of applications


Over 45 years experience in the heating element industry

Unique Properties

Max temperature is 1850°C
High density
High purity

Service Life

Longest service life is more than three years

Silicon Carbide & Mosi2 Heating Elements

We manufacture and supply electric furnace heating rods in various specifications

The packaging of 1900 molybdenum disilicide (mosi2) heating element

1900 Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) Heating Element

molybdenum disilicide heating elements are available as straight, U-shaped, W-shaped, L-shaped or bent elements in a wide range of shapes and sizes, all characterized by long life and consistent performance.

Super pure mosi2 heater

Super Pure Mosi2 Heater is the ultimate high-temperature heating solution for industries. Its exceptional performance, high-purity material, and customizability make it the top choice for industries worldwide.

W shape mosi2 heating elements

W shape mosi2 heating element

W shape mosi2 heating elements also called Molybdenum disilicide heating element are one mosi2 resistance. It can withstand oxidation at very high temperatures.

U shape mosi2 heating elements

U shape mosi2 heating element

U shape Mosi2 heating element can be used in electric furnace for temperatures up to 1900 °C

Straight shape mosi2 heating element

Straight shape mosi2 heating element

Long service life and anti-corrosion, anti-oxidization are Sunshine ‘s straight shape mosi2 heating element‘s the most obvious advantage.

L shape mosi2 heating element

L shape mosi2 heating element

Molybdenum disilicide L shape mosi2 heating elements are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and feature the highest operating temperatures

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We can also provide customers with special customized products that are used under special conditions of use in accordance with customers' special requirements and designs.

Furnace and Heater Accessories

We manufacture and supply electric furnaces and related accessories at reasonable prices

SiC silicon carbide tube

Silicon carbide protection tube has high strength properties comparable to diamond, it has excellent thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, and acid resistance. used to protect temperature sensors from damage in harsh environments, particularly at high temperatures and in corrosive atmospheres.

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Knowledge of electronic heating elements

U shape mosi2 heating element in electric furnace
May, 23rd 2023

Mosi2 Heating Elements Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and maintenance of Mosi2 heating elements are critical steps in ensuring their longevity and proper use. During installation, it is important to ensure that the components are sized for the application and are securely mounted to prevent damage or failure. Additionally, proper wiring and insulation are critical to safety and performance. There are […]

May, 23rd 2023

7 Types of Laboratory Furnaces

The laboratory furnace is made of high-temperature refractory materials and can be heated continuously for a long time.

W shape mosi2 heating elements
Apr, 5th 2023

Different Shapes of Mosi2 Heating Elements

Learn about the various shapes of Mosi2 heating elements, including straight, bent, U-shaped, W-shaped, and spiral, and which applications they are best suited for.

U shape mosi2 heating element
Feb, 24th 2023

How to calculate the power on a U-shapes mosi2 heating element ?

To compute the power in watts on the mosi2 heating element the length of the hot zone, the surface area of the hot zone, and the watt loading in watts per cm2 must be determined. The heating length of a “U” shaped element consists of 2 legs and a 180º bend. Use the formula below to calculate […]

Mosi2 heating element quality inspection
Feb, 24th 2023

How to design the length of the thermal zone of Mosi2 heating element?

The molybdenum disilicide softens at temperatures over 1200ºC therefore will elongate or stretch when suspended vertically. The heating element can be destroyed if it comes in contact with the floor of the furnace while hot and under power. To allow for the increase in length and keep it a safe distance above the floor, the […]

U type sic heating elements
Feb, 17th 2023

Sic heating element VS mosi2 heating element

The heating range, thermal conductivity, physical strength and oxidation resistance of SiC and MoSi2 heating elements are different. The heating temperature of SiC heating element is lower than that of Mosi2, but the cost is low. MoSi2 heating element has high thermal efficiency and good oxidation resistance, which is more suitable for high temperature applications

Heating elements are consumable. I have cooperated with several Chinese manufacturers, shanxin's products are of reasonable price and good quality!

thumb ThomasMic
Purchasing Manager, U.K.

I like shanxin's products, the failure rate is low, we have been using Shanxin's heaters and accessories. not just because of the price.

thumb Kate
CEO, Malaysia

Compared with other brands of heaters, Shanxin has stable quality, long service life and high efficiency. The production capacity has also increased by 5% in the last quarter.

thumb Mike Neal
production director, Vietnam
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