May, 23rd 2023

7 Types of Laboratory Furnaces

The laboratory furnace is made of high-temperature refractory materials and can be heated continuously for a long time.

W shape mosi2 heating elements
Apr, 5th 2023

Different Shapes of Mosi2 Heating Elements

Learn about the various shapes of Mosi2 heating elements, including straight, bent, U-shaped, W-shaped, and spiral, and which applications they are best suited for.

U type sic heating elements
Feb, 17th 2023

Sic heating element VS mosi2 heating element

The heating range, thermal conductivity, physical strength and oxidation resistance of SiC and MoSi2 heating elements are different. The heating temperature of SiC heating element is lower than that of Mosi2, but the cost is low. MoSi2 heating element has high thermal efficiency and good oxidation resistance, which is more suitable for high temperature applications

Mosi2 heating element after installation
Feb, 17th 2023

Can MoSi2 Replace SiC Heating Elements?

The temperature range of the heating element, the applicable environment, the power requirement, the installation position and the cost are all different, so MoSi2 cannot be used to replace the SiC heating element

90 bend u shape mosi2 heating element
Feb, 16th 2023

How to clean heating element?

The heating element is used for a long time, and there will be dirt, debris and other pollutants on the surface of the heating element. After the power is turned off, the debris can be cleaned and the surface can be maintained to prolong the service life and maintain the heating efficiency.

Silicon and silica fume
Feb, 16th 2023

What metal is the heating element made of?

Silicon carbide heating elements are made of silicon carbide and metal silicon bonded together by a reaction bonding process. Molybdenum disilicide heating element is mainly made of molybdenum and silicon through powder metallurgy process.

Install mosi2 heating element
Feb, 16th 2023

How to replace heating element?

When the heating element in an electric furnace fails or is damaged, the heating element needs to be replaced. In this article we will explain in detail how to replace the heating element.

90 bend w shape mosi2 heating element
Feb, 15th 2023

How to check and test heating elements?

To check the goodness of the heating element, several methods will be used to check the visual inspection, resistance test, on-state test and insulation test.

Measure the size with the tool
Feb, 15th 2023

What size heating element do I need?

Choosing a heating element with a suitable size can ensure the efficient operation of the electric furnace and reduce the waste of electric energy.

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