General introduction

High Temperature Lab Vacuum Furnace, 2200℃ Max. High Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace.

This high temperature Vacuum Furnace is cost-effective. Max. vacuum 7×10-4Pa. Excellent uniformity, precise control for vacuum sintering, brazing, and hardening, etc. It is used for ceramic materials, ceramic-metal composites, refractory metals, and alloy materials, as well as vacuum brazing of alloy tools and superhard materials.

High temperature vacuum furnace
High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

High Temperature Vacuum Furnace Applications:

  • Vacuum heat treatment – hardening, tempering, and annealing
  • Vacuum brazing
  • Sintering
  • Degassing

Advantages of High Temperature Vacuum Furnace:

  • No surface oxidation or discoloration
  • Minimal distortion
  • Flux free brazing
  • Repeatable quality
  • Clean, safe, quiet and efficient

All our vacuum furnaces can be used with either an inert gas or a reactive gas.

The majority of products in our vacuum furnace range are available with either ceramic fiber, molybdenum, or graphite insulation. On request, a furnace with a graphite insulation chamber can be configured to safely operate at up to 2200°C.

Types of Furnace Chamber for optional

Types of furnace chamber for optional
Types Of Furnace Chamber For Optional