How to avoid the damage and deformation caused by the contact between mosi2 heaters and furnace body ?

2023-07-22 09:36 840

Mosi2 heating elements have a certain degree of soft plasticity at high temperatures. The details such as the distance between the heating elements and the furnace bottom, the furnace wall, the crucible or the 90-degree bent support should be set well, so as to avoid the contact and damage between the heating body and other parts. Mosi2 heating elements stick to the furnace wall, causing deformation of the hot end and overheating of the mosi2 heating elements.

How To Avoid The Damage And Deformation Caused By The Contact Between Mosi2 Heaters And Furnace Body ?
The Distance Between The Heating Elements And The Furnace Bottom, The Furnace Wall, The Crucible Or The 90-Degree Bent Support Should Be Set Well.