The application of mosi2 heating element

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Description of mosi2 heating element

The mosi2 heating element plays an important role in many industries.

Common such as ceramic firing industry, electronic components processing industry, glass manufacturing industry, metal processing industry, drying and heating distillation in the chemical industry, etc., as follows:

W shape mosi2 heating element
W Shape Mosi2 Heating Element

Application of mosi2 heating element

  • They are used in ceramic and electric component industry for firing ferrites, Varistors, Thermisters, Titanities, Magnets, refractories, Insulator, grinding Wheel, etc.
  • Glass Industries: In the Forehearths of large melting furnaces for anneling of glass ampoule and reed switch sealing
  • Metal treatment: Hardening, non Ferrous melt holding, Forging, Sintering, Blazing, Melting and Assaying (Carbon Sulphur determination of steel) and annealing
  • Chemical industry: In the manufacture of flourocent materials, medicines and for heating drying and Distillation wherever necessary
  • Melting of Aluminium, Gold, Silver, Zinc and Copper
  • Ordnace and Defence Production: Rifles and shell manufacture, for Heat treatment of alloy and steel, aircraft Turbine Blade manufacturing, etc.
1700 ℃ muffle furnace with mosi2 heating element
1700 ℃ Muffle Furnace With Mosi2 Heating Element

One end closed Silicone Carbide tubes as thermocouple protection sheaths are available for use in hostile furnace atmosphere.

How to choose mosi2 heating element supplier?

Sunshine is a professional mosi2 heating element supplier in China, producing a wide range of mosi2 heating element which is well received by customers

W Shape Mosi2 Heating Elements

W shape mosi2 heating element

Why W shape mosi2 heating element? This type of mosi2 heating element looks like the letter “W”, so it is called “W shape mosi2 heating element”. Application high temperature electric furnace heating Classification Furnace heater Main Material Molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 Supply Ability 5000 Piece/Pieces per Week for W shape MoSi2 heating element Experience in Making […]
U Shape Mosi2 Heating Elements

U shape mosi2 heating element

What is u shape mosi2 heating element? The u shape mosi2 heating element looks like the letter “U” in English, it is durable and reliable at high temperatures. The U shaped mosi2 heating elements are most frequently used suspended with the bottom of the “U” down. The element consists of two cold ends (Lu) and […]
Straight Shape Mosi2 Heating Element

Straight shape mosi2 heating element

What is straight shape mosi2 heating element? Straight shape mosi2 heating elements and DB type sic heating elements are similar in appearance, both are linear in shape, but they are made of different materials. The straight shape mosi2 heating element is made of molybdenum disilicide and the DB type sic heating element is made of […]
L Shape Mosi2 Heating Element

L shape mosi2 heating element

What is L shape mosi2 heating element ? L shape mosi2 heating element looks like the letter “L” from the side. Commonly used sizes are 90 degrees and 45 degrees, but other angles can be custom manufactured. L shape mosi2 heating element specification Two-Shank Elements 1.Manufactured to industry established diameters and resistance values in the […]

Sunshine heating also provides mosi2 heating element accessories, such as:

Mosi2 Heating Element Plate Holders

Mosi2 heating element plate holders

Mosi2 heating element plate holders are used to secure and support the terminals of MoSi2 Heating Elements in applications where the elements are installed from the inside of a furnace chamber. The insulating tab fills the opening from the top of the ceramic plates to the hot face of the furnace chamber. The tab seals and reduces the […]
Mosi2 Heating Element Plate Holders

Mosi2 heating element two shank holders

Two-shank holders are used only by mosi2 heating element. The Two-shank holders includes stainless steel clips and ceramic blocks.It is held in place by two plates and a piece of insulation located in the center of the holder. The insulation board is made of high-temperature ceramic fiber which can withstand high temperature. Two shank holders […]
Mosi2 Heating Element Circle Type Clamps

Mosi2 heating element single shank holders

We offers a wide range of accessories for connection of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) electric Heating element . This includes single- and two-shank element holders, contact straps, stain steel clamp and ceramic plate bricks. We supply the matching fastening systems depending on element size. Mosi2 heating element single-shank holders can be used for all kinds of […]
Mosi2 Heating Element Accessories

Mosi2 heating element combination straps

Combination straps are used to connect element to bind post or element to element. Mosi2 heating element combination straps is made from high purity aluminium which provides high electrical conductivity, flexibility and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Specifications The mosi2 heating elements combination straps are offered in 75, 150, 200, 400 and 600 amperage […]
Mosi2 Heating Element C Contact Clamps

Mosi2 heating element C contact clamp

Mosi2 heating element C contact clamp drawing The Mosi2 heating element C contact clamp is made of high quality stainless steel.Stainless steel liquid is melted, the liquid entry mold,and then the mold is pressed into shape . Mosi2 heating element C contact Clamp can be used for conducting electricity during the heating process of the […]
Mosi2 Heating Element Holders

Mosi2 heating element holders

The ceramic holder consists of two ceramic blocks held in place by two pieces of stainless steel angle, hex nuts, and hex head cap screws. These ceramic holders offer higher temperature capabilities than metallic holders. Element sizes Identification Ceramic holders are described by the Moly-D element size. As an example, the part description for a […]

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