Why use high density SiC heating elements?

The key to control aging of silicon carbon rod is density. Generally speaking, high density means fewer pores and less oxidation reaction.

Along with the development of new materials, SiC heating elements is more and more widely used, meanwhile, the working conditions of SiC heating elements are getting worse and worse in some fields, such as sintering of NCM811 and NCA, higher corrosions from furnace atmosphere, which press manufacturers of refractories, kiln furniture, elements to improve performance of the products continuously in order to match demands of the market.

High Density Sic Heating Elements
High Density Sic Heating Elements

Density of ordinary silicon carbon rods

The density of the traditional silicon carbon rod is about 2.50g/cm³.

After years of research and development, our company has overcome difficulties and increased the density of silicon carbon rod to 3.05g/cm³.

Furthermore, high density SiC heating elements have more smooth resistance-temperature curve, assuming 1.0Ω resistance value of elements at 1000℃, the variation of temperature-resistances of common and high density type elements as below table:

High Density type1.3~2.01.801.300.810.850.900.94
High Density type1.