What are Electric Heating Elements Made of?

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Electric heating elements are used in a wide range of high temperature heating applications, both in industrial production and in household appliances.

Material composition of different types of heating elements

The material composition of the various heating elements varies due to the different scenarios in which they are used and the different properties required of the heating rods in various environments.

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements(sic heating elements)

Silicon carbide heating elements are made of selected super green silicon carbide.Silicon carbide heating elements are also called “sic heating elements”.

Sgr Type Sic Heating Elements
Sgr Type Sic Heating Elements

It is characterized by good high temperature stability, high thermal conductivity and fast heating rate. Silicon carbide heating elements are usually used in heating scenarios where fast heating and high temperature stability are required, such as industrial production heating and laboratory heating.

Silicon carbide heating elements in different types

U Type Sic Heating Elements

U type silicon carbide heating element

What is U type silicon carbide heating element? U type silicon carbide heating element consists of two Silicon Carbide legs with equal diameter. Each leg is divided into two parts, hot zone and cold zone with a joint. Resistances of both legs are equal to ensure a uniform performance. Both shanks are joined with a […]
Sgr Type Sic Heating Elements

SGR type sic heater element

What is SGR type sic heater element? SGR type sic heater element similarly to Single spiral type. SGR type sic heater element is a tubular element with a spiral-grooved heating section, and as a major characteristic, both electrical connections are found at one end only. Double spiral SiC Heater Element (SGR type SiC Heater Element) […]
Sg Type Sic Heating Element

SG type SiC heating elements(single spiral)

What is sg type sic heating elements? The spiral sg type sic heating elements are made of special high-density reaction-bonded silicon carbide. Advantage A spiral slot in the hot zone reduces the cross sectional area. This provides the electrical resistance ratio to make the ends cool and the hot zone hot. Special cold ends may […]
M Type Sic Heating Elements

M type Globar silicon carbide heating element

Why M type Globar silicon carbide heating element M type silicon carbide heating Elements look like the letter “M”, also known as W-type Globar silicon carbide heating elements, there are three heating units. How to install M type Globar silicon carbide heating element? The two cold ends of the M-type Globar Silicon Carbide heating element […]
Alkali Resistant Coating Sic Heater

Alkali resistant Coating SiC heater

Why chooose alkali resistant coating SiC heater? Alkali resistant coating SiC heater is also called “D coating SiC heater”, it can make SiC heater last longer. SiC heater can be used in the furnaces with different atmospheres, however, service life of SiC heater will be affected and shortened under some atmospheres. In the actual production […]
Db Type Sic Heating Elements

DB type silicon carbide heater rod

DB type silicon carbide heater rod general introduction DB type silicon carbide heater rods consist of a hot zone with high electrical resistivity and rigidly connected with two thickened cold zones of low resistance owing to their larger diameter and special manufacturing technique. The particular connecting technique ensures perfect mechanical and electrical operation. Hot zones […]

MoSi2 Heating Elements

MoSi2 heating elements, also known as molybdenum disilicide heating elements, are made of high pure molybdenum disilicide.

It is characterized by its high melting point and excellent high-temperature stability, which makes it ideal for high-temperature heating applications. MoSi2 heating elements will last longer than other heating elements due to the structural changes that occur when they are heated, increasing their resistance to high temperatures.

MoSi2 heating elements in different shapes

W Shape Mosi2 Heating Elements

W shape mosi2 heating element

Why W shape mosi2 heating element? This type of mosi2 heating element looks like the letter “W”, so it is called “W shape mosi2 heating element”. Application high temperature electric furnace heating Classification Furnace heater Main Material Molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 Supply Ability 5000 Piece/Pieces per Week for W shape MoSi2 heating element Experience in Making […]
U Shape Mosi2 Heating Elements

U shape mosi2 heating element

What is u shape mosi2 heating element? The u shape mosi2 heating element looks like the letter “U” in English, it is durable and reliable at high temperatures. The U shaped mosi2 heating elements are most frequently used suspended with the bottom of the “U” down. The element consists of two cold ends (Lu) and […]
Straight Shape Mosi2 Heating Element

Straight shape mosi2 heating element

What is straight shape mosi2 heating element? Straight shape mosi2 heating elements and DB type sic heating elements are similar in appearance, both are linear in shape, but they are made of different materials. The straight shape mosi2 heating element is made of molybdenum disilicide and the DB type sic heating element is made of […]
L Shape Mosi2 Heating Element

L shape mosi2 heating element

What is L shape mosi2 heating element ? L shape mosi2 heating element looks like the letter “L” from the side. Commonly used sizes are 90 degrees and 45 degrees, but other angles can be custom manufactured. L shape mosi2 heating element specification Two-Shank Elements 1.Manufactured to industry established diameters and resistance values in the […]

Other common electric heating elements

In addition to silicon carbide heater rods and MoSi2 heating elements, there are several other common electric heating elements being used for high temperature heating, including.

NiCr heating elements. NiCr is a nickel-chromium alloy that has high oxidation resistance and good electrical conductivity.

Tungsten heating elements. Tungsten is a high density, high melting point metal, due to its good high temperature stability and oxidation resistance, is also used in heating elements, more common in daily life, such as electric heating fans used for indoor heating in winter, the heating element used in electric heating air is used in tungsten heating.

Choosing the right electric heating element

When choosing an electric heating element, the most suitable heating element must be selected for the specific heating requirements, including temperature range, working environment and service life. Each type of heating element has different performance and different use scenarios.

Electrical heating elements are a central component of the high-temperature heating process. They can be made from a variety of materials, including silicon carbide, MoSi2, nickel-chromium and tungsten. Different types of heating elements have their own unique properties and different use scenarios, so it is important that I choose the right heating element to ensure optimal performance and service life in my use.

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