What are the improvements of 1900 Grade mosi2 heating element compared with 1700?

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1900 Grade mosi2 heating element can be used at 1850 degrees in air, the difference between 1900 Grade mosi2 heating element and 1700 Grade mosi2 heating element are:

The difference between grade 1900 mosi2 heating elements and grade 1700

  • (1) The welding joint of 1900 Grade is full, protruding, bulging, and there is no crack in the welding place, which is very different from 1700 Grade.
  • (2) The surface of 1900 Grade mosi2 heating element is smoother and has metallic luster.
  • (3) Higher density, compared with 1700 Grade, the same specification of 1900 Grade mosi2 heating element will be heavier.
  • (4) The operating current and voltage of 1900 Grade mosi2 heating element are smaller than those of 1700 Grade, for the same element with hot end of Diameter 9mm, the operating current of 1900 degree is 220A, while that of 1700 degree is about 270A.
  • (5) Temperatura de funcionamiento más alta, que es 200 grados más alta que la de 1700 grados.
  • (6) Se pueden fabricar más formas según las necesidades del cliente.
  • (7) 1900 Grade mosi2 heating element is more solid, and generally will not break during transportation and installation.
  • (8) Longer service life of 1900 Grade mosi2 heating element, generally more than 18 months
Elemento Calefactor de MoSi2 de Grado 1900
Las Mejoras del Elemento Calefactor de MoSi2 de Grado 1900

Use the table to compare the differences between 1900 grade mosi2 heating elements and 1700 grade

Característica1900 Grade MOSI2 Heating Element1700 Grade MOSI2 Heating Element
Welding JointFull, protruding, bulging, no cracksDifferent from 1900 Grade
Surface AppearanceSmoother, metallic lusterDifferent from 1900 Grade
2.730°C (4.946°F) (se descompone)HigherLower
PesoHeavier for the same specificationLighter for the same specification
Operating Current and VoltageSmallerLarger
Operating Current (Diameter 9mm, Hot End)220A~270A
Temperatura de Operación200 degrees higher than 1700 GradeLower than 1900 Grade
Shapes AvailableMore shapes possible based on customer needsLimited shapes
DurabilityMore solid, less prone to breakagePotentially prone to breakage during transport
Vida útilGenerally exceeds 18 monthsVaries, potentially shorter
1900 grade mosi2 heating elements VS 1700 grade mosi2 heating elements