Alumina bubble bricks are made of alumina bubble balls and alumina powder as the main raw materials, combined with other binders, and fired at a high temperature of 1750 degrees.

alumina bubble brick

Bubble Alumina Bricks(alumina hollow sphere bricks) and their products are a kind of high-temperature resistant, energy-saving excellent lightweight refractory material.

Stainless steel m type terminal clamps

Stainless steel M type terminal clamps

Stainless steel M type terminal clamps is a kind of fixture for silicon carbide heating elements, and it is made of high quality stainless steel.

Stainless steel g clamps

Stainless steel G clamps

The stainless steel G clamp is made of stainless steel, by which the braided wire is fixed to the sic heating elements.

Stainless steel c clamp

Stainless steel C clamps

Stainless steel c clamps are used to secure braided wire to sic heating elements.

single-hole aluminum-braided-straps

Aluminum braided straps

Aluminum braided straps are made of multiple strands of aluminum wire, flexible and highly conductive, which are used to connect silicon carbide heating rods to transmit electricity